Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Kingdom in a Corner ^___^

You know how the stores where they sell yarn and all the other lovely stuff have those colorful shelfs full of balls of wool..well well...Now I haz a little colorful paradise of my own :) I bought two shelfs -which were originally meant for CDs but who cares if they look good- stuck them on the wall and Voilà!
 I think it looks pretty nice :)

I also bought this little basket <3 filled with Schachenmayr Catania yarn (my fav when it comes to making little amis ^___^)

Hmmm I've also ordered some eyes and noses for my amigurumi from Etsy from 6060 :) ooo I can't wait for them to arrive! Got so many ideas already! 

This post should have been named "The Big Spender" :P

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