Wednesday, September 29, 2010

★ Magic Ring ★ Tutorial ★

One way to start your amigurumi is to make the basic "make 2ch and then do the required amount of sc in the 1st chain." Then there is the ★Magic Ring/Circle★ which in my opinion gives a much nicer result. I remember when I started making little amis and I had no idea what Magic Ring was AND in the first pattern that I tried to make there were no instructions on how to "2ch etc." or Magic Ring...just "R1-make 7 sc" and believe me it's quite hard to find the information that you need when you don't really know what you are looking for ^___^'

But I'm here to reveal the secrets of the Magic Ring and here is a little tutorial I made (click on the pics to make them bigger)

I hope this helps the ones who are wondering the mysteries of the Magic Ring :] There are also few good tutorials in YouTube that might be handy for example Magic Circle1 and Magic Circle2 and many more.

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