Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bears and Bunnies Welcome You ♥

Autumn! What a lovely time of the year!! It is so pretty! All the different colors (I think maple trees are the most beautiful trees during autumn) and the dark nights -during summer the nights are well...nightless there's no use putting lanterns etc. outside because it doesn't get dark and I looove lanterns- Also my B-day is coming up which means PRESENTS! :D Gotta luv autumn!
In celebration of autumn I decided to decorate our wreath according to the theme :) I also made a FunnyBunny and SeriouzBear pattern to Etsy and in the process FunnyBunny-Carrot and SeriouzBear-Marshmallow were created. Now they are keeping guard at our front door so as a tiny hint *it's good to have cookies with you if you are planning to stop by*

♥ Inspiring Autumn for Everyone ♥

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