Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Awesome Happy Birthday Giveaway at Modes4u

Modes4u is celebrating its 4th B-day! There is a awesome giveaway with 4 kyuuto prices for 4 happy winners :)  
4 lucky winners get the following package:
1 Rilakkuma “Relaxing Meal” Re-Ment
1 Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee Deco Tape
1 Rilakkuma Bread Squishie
1 Sentimental Circus Sticker Sheet
1 Rilakkuma red pocket (traditional Chinese “La See” with Rilakkuma Design that can only be bought in Asia)
1 big Rilakkuma / Sentimental Circus plastic bag (exclusively from Japan with brand new Rilakkuma Happy Holiday Picnic design on one side and Sentimental Circus design on the other – bag is usually not available to the public, but exclusively designed for fair trade business customers) 

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012, Midnight GMT. There are different ways to enter and you can find the instructions at modeS Blog :) Go and check it out!!!


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