Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hattifatteners - Tutorial

The Hattifatteners are tall, thin, ghost-like creatures, resembling long white socks

What you will need:
  •  white mercerized cotton yarn (ofc you can use any yarn you like)
  • a crochet hook 3mm ( UK = 11 and US it's either C (2.75 mm) or D (3.25 mm) I think.. )
  • a tapestry needle
  • a pair of clear safety eyes (the ones I used were 9 mm)
  • polyfill
  • plastic pellets

sc    = single crochet
inc   = increase (two single crochets in one)


Start with a MagicRing
1st row               sc x 6                    --  6 stitches
2nd row              inc x 6                   -- 12 stitches
3rd row              (sc + inc) x 6          -- 18 stitches
4th row              (sc x 2 + inc) x 6     -- 24 stitches
5th row              (sc x 3 + inc) x 6     -- 30 stitches
6th - 33rd row     sc x 30                   -- 30 stitches **
And end with a slip stich

**! IMPORTANT ! When you reach the 14th row install the eyes (this way it won't be so hard to install them as it would be later on...) The eyes can be installed between rows 10 and 11 and I have left 5 stitches between them  


Start with a MagicRing
1st row               sc x 6                   --  6 stitches
2nd row              inc x 6                  -- 12 stitches
3rd row              (sc + inc) x 6         -- 18 stitches
4th row              (sc x 2 + inc) x 6    -- 24 stitches
And end with a slip stich

The hand-like thingy x 2  
( I decided to draw a picture..hopefully it's not too confusing ^___^' )

After all this you should have the following:

Now it's time to stuff in the polyfill! You should leave some room for the plastic pellets about 3cm (1.2") ...what a terrible drawing :D I'm sorry..teehehehehe..

Start attaching the bottom part to the body but leave it so that you can stuff in the pellets (this was somewhat nerve pellet in two pellets out  >__< ...just have faith..I found out that a teaspoon comes very handy at times like this..) After you have stuffed the amount of pellets that you think is enough close the gap. Then attach the "hands" and finish up. Tadaaaa your Hattifattener is ready! Yay!

If you go totally "Hattifattener"  and start making tens of thousands of these little creatures :D you can easily change the pattern for example make it longer or make the "fingers" in the "hands" in different lengths and give your Hattifattener a more personal look ^___^

Happy Crocheting!!
♥ LiLoPe


  1. Hi, I hope you're still reading this blogspot. I came across this as I was looking for hattifattener items.

    I wanted to ask how difficult would these be to make for a complete beginner, as someone who has never crocheted before. I wanted to make these for my girlfriend for Christmas because she likes them but it might be too big of an undertaking.

    If you think it would be too hard for a beginner, do you happen to run a store? Or would you be willing to make me 3 and sell them to me? I'd love to buy them.

    1. Hi Selphy,

      I'm really sorry that my reply is sooo late!!!! I had a loong break from blogging due to my studies :/

      I think this pattern is quite good for a beginner. It doesn't include any über special stitches :)

      Unfortunately I don't have a store at the moment and I'm totally late with my reply for Christmas (I'm soooo sorry!!!)

      I hope you were able to make or get Hattifatteners for your girlfriend!