Friday, February 8, 2013

What have I been up to ^__^

Loong time no posting! So much has been going on with my studies, life...etc. I have been doing some art studies during this school year and it has been great. The only con is that the teaching takes part over 300 km (over186 miles!) away from where I live...soo much driving. But it has been worth it! Here are some pics from one of the courses where we made a plaster head :)

We all got a 10 kg lump of clay each. There was a model in the middle of the classroom and we tried to capture her facial features (with the hair we were allowed to use our own intuition)

Here I'm preparing the clay head for the mold making process (making a seam) you see a mold that is drying in the background (white alien eggy thing) 

Here the is the mold in making (clay head inside)

Opening the mold. This was very exiting!!! The mold opened up into three pieces.

Here the mold pieces have been first brushed with an emulsion and the filled with plaster and some sackcloth. After this the mold pieces were put together and we let them dry over night.

Chisel in action! Discovering the plaster head from the plaster mold (for me it was very hard to see where the mold ended and the head begun...I chipped of a bit too much here and there...-_-')

And here is the final plaster head :) During the process the clay head and the plaster mold were destroyed (so sad :(....)


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