Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh Golly Gosh!

So much stuff so little time! But soon very sooon I'll have some more time to do things I really enjoy! :) My Master's Thesis is almost done! Yay! That means more evenings crafting than reading, analyzing and writing. I have been doing some crafts on the side though. You know those never ending projects that tend to hide (read: I stash them) around the house :)

One never ending project was this raspberry blanket (project started 2012!!...) Now finished!!!

The block pattern is from a book by Melody Griffiths, 201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas. I luuuv this book!

One very dear friend of mine an I also had a project together! A pretty flower jacket for a little girl :) unfortunately I only have pics of the not so ready project but they'll have to do (this pattern is also from the book by Griffiths) awesome book...

I still have some projects hiding/stashed...



  1. Sorry my coment is of topic..but i can not find how i can contact u otherwise...i am Julia and i Love the Name Lilope...i want my Baby Name it..but i can not find anything to this..do u know what it actually means? Would be Great!!

    1. Hi Julia, unfortunately I don't know the meaning for the name Lilope. In my blog LiLoPe comes from the first two letters of my first name and last name (Li from Lise, Lo from Lotte...etc.) I'm very sorry!!