Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wandering in the world of quilting

I made my very first patchwork project when I was a little girl. It was a pillow case I made in school. After that (reason unknown) nothing...But for few years now I have been following this lovely blog Biscuit and little by little I have started to wander  deeper into the world of cute fabrics, batting and quilt binding (mitered corners all the way!).

My very first project was to make a baby blanket for my brothers first born. I had saved some fabrics from their wedding (I made small pouches for the wedding candy) and when I heard about the baby on the way I started right away to plan this project!
I got the pattern for the pouches from this blog a Spoonfull of Sugar. I just made it a bit smaller. It looks just like a little Japanese bento pouch and my bro was born in Japan so what could be better :D The colors were chosen by the bride :)

The blocks for the blanket I got from a book by Susan Briscoe, Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match. I chose the blocks 17 and 18 (kurume kasuri gakubuchi and kurume kasuri masumon blocks) I got this book from my sister - huge thank you to her :)
17             18
I only had two colors to work with so I made the small squares white in the block 18.

I decided to add some cross stitching...

Work in progress...(so many little pieces...maybe I overestimated my skills...)

For the batting I used Hobbs Heirloom premium cotton batting

I found really nice instructions on how to bind a quilt (with mitered corners!) from a blog called Made by Marzipan

And surprise surprise I don't have a picture of the finished blanket ^^' I really need to start paying attention to archiving my projects better!! Hehe it has nothing to do with too busy schedules and gift wrapping in a slight panic..


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